The Best Proxy Browser

The Browser designed for SEO, SMM and IM

BrowsIM - Multi-proxy browser that removes repetitive tasks and increases productivity.

Different IP for each browser tab

Assign a different proxy to each tab or to groups of tabs in a flexible and powerful way.

Isolated Browser Session

Cookies, local storage, and other data are isolated between each tabs or each profiles. Each tab/ profile represent a new browsing session.

Manage credentials with Ease

You can share your browsing session to you VAs. Hence you don't need to disclose your account credentials to them.

Learn exactly, what is BrowsIM? and what you can do with them?

For Social Media Marketing

Manage all your accounts with each tab on your browser. No more logging in and out of your accounts.

For SEO Agencies

Manage more than one client profiles without need of multiple browsers

Ease Of management

No more clearing cookies, cache and remembering passwords or maintaining those details through spreadsheets.


SEO and SMM convert weak points into strong points.

It is saving your browser cache,cookies, site info logins, history for every browser tabs and preserve the tabs that you have opened while closing the browser. Hence next time, when you open the browser, your last opened browser tabs will loaded automatically.


You can work multiple login profiles simultaneously

That means changing proxies, user agents are an absolute easy process. So all you have to do is one click to open the browser profile and one more click to login if you’re not already - that’s the power of BrowsIM.


Eliminate the repetitive process of SEO and Social Media accounts

So No More Logging Into Deleted And Banned Accounts, No More Losing Data, Passwords, Proxies, Sites, Anything Ever Again.

With the possibility of seperation of every Browser profiles and grouping browser tab - BrowsIM will make your life easy.

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

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No Subscription

Your purchase is absolute Risk Free! We have 30 days refund offer!

You have 30 full days to try BrowsIM Lite, a multi-proxy browser, and find out if everything we said about it is true. If for some reason within this period you decide that it is not for you, book a support ticket within 30 days of purchase for a refund. We will refund you.

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So what's next?

You can now browse the Internet freely, create and use as many social network accounts as you need, and control an unlimited number of social network profiles, allowing you to create high-quality traffic storms on your site. That brings better Google rankings, more followers, more loyalty, and ultimately more revenue. It can be achieved in less effort.

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